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If you are cancelling because of an unresolved issue or concern, please let us know what they are by clicking the button below. A WestHost representative will contact you within ONE hour.

High Priority Support

We are dedicated to resolving any outstanding issues you may have experienced. Although there may be numerous reasons for cancelling a hosting account, we hope that yours is not because of lack of service or support.

*Please Note* When you cancel your account:

  • All services and tools attached to your account will no longer be available.
  • All files and data on your account will be lost. This includes any e-mail stored on the mail server. Please make certain you have backed up any files that you might later need before proceeding.
  • If your account has been active longer than 60 days and you choose to cancel immediately you will not be credited for any unused portion of your hosting services.
  • If you change your mind after your cancellation is processed the fee to restore a cancelled account from our server backups is $95 per hour.

Note: This form is for standard hosting accounts only. Reseller and Dedicated Server accounts must contact our billing department directly to cancel their account.

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